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 Ever since childhood I’ve been fascinated by the sea, loved to go to new places, have adventures and create artwork—from my own imagination as well as from life. I think that part of why I love the ocean so much is its movement and its infinite moods and expressions- the way it dances with sunlight and wind! When I'm by the ocean I feel such a deep sense of boundless freedom. Its beauty is never ending. It is powerful, mysterious, and cleansing to the soul to be near. Under the water is a whole new world that beckons to be explored. What light, water, waves, atmosphere, and wind can do together is nothing short of visual magic! I am also a professional dancer. To me, the ocean is the ultimate dancer of the elemental world.
I am in love with the British Isles and Ireland, too—the people, the coasts, the folklore and Celtic music. I bring back stories from my travels and tell them in paint. I want to embrace, live, and share the magic of these wonderful places. I hope that when someone buys a painting from me and hangs it on their wall, that they too will be filled with that same sense of wonder and love that I felt being there.
I’ve chosen to work in oil paint as opposed to other mediums because of their longevity and versatility. I want my paintings to last and be treasured for many years to come. Therefore all paintings have been painted using only professional quality oil paints and archival quality canvasses. It is a great honor and pleasure to share my work with you.

Marguerite lives with her menagerie of 4 cats and 2 Shetland Sheepdogs- Angus and MacGregor.

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